Legal Assistance

Through Pro Bono Law Saskatchewn programs, lawyers volunteer their time and expertise to provide legal services to individuals who are inegible for Legal Aid but are of limited means.  Income testing does apply.  To read about our progams click here.

To access free legal assistance through Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan programs, follow these simple steps:

Step 1.

Find out if you qualify for Legal Aid Saskatchewan.

Click here to learn more about the services provided by Legal Aid Saskatchewan.

NOTE: Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan is not an alternative to Legal Aid. If you are eligible for Legal Aid with respect to your legal issue, you will not qualify for Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan Programs.

Step 2.

Call us at 1-855-833-7257 or 306-569-3098 to find out if you qualify for Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan Programs and to book an appointment with a volunteer lawyer at one of our Free Legal Clinics.

Step 3.

Prepare for your legal advice appointment.

Click here to find out about the service you will receive at our Free Legal Clinics and learn how to prepare for your appointment.


If you are a non-profit or community organization click here to find out about the solicitor program.





The Clinic Program

The Clinic Program is a series of Free Legal Clinics located throughout Saskatchewan. Lawyer volunteers provide free legal assistance in all areas of the law to people who cannot afford a lawyer and do not qualify for Legal Aid. Income testing does apply. Lawyers at the clinics provide summary advice to clients for up to a one hour period. They do not represent clients in court, but do provide ongoing legal advice and help clients prepare for court. To determine if you qualify for an appointment, and to find a clinic near you, please call Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan at (306) 569-3098 or 1-855-833-7257.

Please view the following video in preparing for your appointment at the clinic.

The Panel Program

The Panel Program consists of a roster of lawyers who agree to provide full representation pro bono services. Following a telephone or in-person appointment at one of the free legal clinics, individuals may be referred by a clinic lawyer to the Panel Program for further assistance. PBLS facilitates these referrals, provided the referred matter matches the expertise, capacity and availability of a volunteer lawyer participating in the Panel Program. Please note that we do not provide full representation for family law matters, or for matters where you are seeking to claim a large sum of money from an opposing party.

Lawyers will not charge hourly fees for their services under the Panel Program, however, clients are still responsible for disbursements and any costs associated with a court action. Panel Lawyers will try to reduce these disbursement costs as much as possible. Panel Lawyers may also, in appropriate cases, apply for a Needy Persons Certificate or apply to the CBA Disbursement Fund to offset these costs.

For more information on our panel programs and to find out about the application process please contact us at (306) 569-3098 or 1-855-833-7257.

The Solicitor Program

The Solicitor Program consists of a roster of lawyers who agree to provide legal services to charitable and non-profit community organizations of limited means. Lawyers may provide legal advice and assistance to community organizations in all areas of non-profit law, including incorporation and by-laws, registrations for charitable status, employment matters, contracts and lease agreements.  To apply to the Solicitor Program please fill out the application form and return it to our office by mail, fax or email.

Public Resources

There are many resources available to the public that are either appropriate alternatives to our pro bono programs or that are excellent supplements to our pro bono programs. If you are unable to afford a lawyer please consider these programs and information resources.

If you have a legal matter and are unable to afford legal assistance, you should begin by determining if you qualify for Legal Aid. Legal Aid is legal assistance for people who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer from their own resources. There are limits to what an individual can access; however, Legal Aid covers most criminal and family matters.

Family law Saskatchewan is a self-help website for people dealing with separation and divorce without a lawyer. There is detailed information on family law and a Form Wizard that allows users to answer plain-language questions to create the court forms they need.

PLEA provides free publications on a variety of legal topics. It is helpful to consult these free publications to familiarize yourself with the area of law that most affects you. PLEA publications also suggest resources available in the community.




Courts of Saskatchewan

This website is a portal to the three courts of Saskatchewan: Provincial Court, the Court of Queen’s Bench and the Court of Appeal. The site provides court schedules, a virtual tour of a courtroom, information on the judicial system, as well as information on all types of legal proceedings before the courts.


Federal Court of Canada

This website provides information on The Federal Court of Canada.

Federal Court of Appeal

This website provides information on the Federal Court of Appeal and its jurisdiction to hear appeals from lower courts.


Supreme Court of Canada

This website provides in-depth information and filing services for the Supreme Court of Canada




Freelaw (Provincial)

Freelaw provides free online access to current Government of Saskatchewan legislation, including Acts and Regulations, as well as access to the Rules of Court and legislated forms. Paper copies of legislation are available for a fee.

Justice Laws Website (Federal)

This website is an online source of the consolidated Acts and regulations of Canada.




Canadian Legal Information Institute

CanLII provides free access to Canadian full-text court decisions available on the web

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