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There are a number of ways to get involved, including opportunities for private practitioners, in-house counsel, public sector lawyers, students-at-law, law students and retired lawyers. Click here to learn about our volunteer opportunities.

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PBLS works in a number of ways to support lawyers providing pro bono legal services:

  • Developing and managing projects
  • Compiling best practices and guides
  • Advocating for insurance coverage and deductible waivers.
  • Reducing barriers to pro bono service provision.
  • Preparing and posting online tools for lawyer volunteers.
  • Recognizing and promoting the important work lawyers are doing for pro bono

Get Involved

Organized pro bono programs that match your available time commitment and area(s) of expertise are available to volunteers. To get involved, complete the lawyer profile form, indicating which volunteer opportunities you are interested in and send it to the Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan office. Click here to volunteer.

Are you an inactive, retired or otherwise insurance exempt member?  Click here to learn about insurance coverage and the law Society of Saskatchewan Pro Bono Membership.

Here are the volunteer opportunities we are currently offering:

Clinic Program

Volunteers with the Clinic Program are asked to attend regularly, usually bi-monthly (six times a year), at a free legal clinic to meet with low-income clients and provide advice and assisted self-representation in an area of law with which you are familiar. You will provide summary legal advice at the clinic and are not obligated to represent anyone you see at the clinic. You are encouraged to take on full-representation pro bono files at your option, but generally refer clients in appropriate cases to the Panel Program for more in-depth assistance. Clients that attend at the clinic are pre-screened for income and conflicts in advance of each scheduled clinic.

Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan currently operates free legal clinics in the following locations: Regina, Swift Current, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Estevan, Weyburn, Yorkton, North Battelford, Meadow Lake, and La Ronge.  There is also a clinic in Saskatoon operated by CLASSIC (Community Legal Assistance Services for Saskatoon Inner City.)


Panel Program

Volunteers with the Panel Program will receive pre-screened referrals, generally one to five per year, depending on the type and complexity of the referral, which you may accept or decline. Referrals are made based on your expressed interest and area of practice. A conflict check is performed prior to a referral being accepted. Clients are referred to the Panel Program by clinic lawyers or Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan staff who have met with or reviewed the client’s particular legal situation, and determined that more in-depth assistance is required.

There is also the opportunity to volunteer with a specialized Panel Program. These programs are developed for particular sectors or court processes. Volunteering with these often requires additional training or expertise, and lawyers are asked to consider whether a Specialized Panel is an area of particular interest:


Criminal Appeal Panel

 Volunteers provide legal services to individuals who have criminal matters before the Court of Appeal and who are ineligible for Legal Aid and have been denied court appointed counsel.


Immigration & Refugee Panel

Individuals involved in the immigration & refugee process who are low-income are eligible to apply to this program.


Seniors Legal Assistance Panel

Seniors (65+) who require legal assistance and are receiving the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement are eligible to apply to this program.


Residential Tenancy Panel

Articling students (supervised by their principals) advise and assist low-income individuals with residential tenancies matters.

Inmate Legal Assistance Panel 

Inmates in federal or provincial institutions within Saskatchewan may receive legal advice regarding their legal matters within the institution

Solicitor Program

Volunteers with the Solicitor Program will be matched with a charitable, non-profit or community organization of limited means.


PBSC Placement

Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) is a national movement of law students committed to public interest legal work. Through PBSC, law students enhance access to justice by providing free legal information and assistance to non-profit organizations and lawyers working on a pro bono basis. Through a PBSC placement, volunteering entails supervising a project for an organization, assisting law student volunteers with developing a research plan at the outset of the project, providing guidance to students as needed over the duration of the placement and reviewing the work of the student volunteer prior to submission to the organization to ensure completeness, accuracy and provide suggestions for improvement.

The total time commitment required of a lawyer volunteer through PBSC is generally minimal. Most placements require only 5 to 10 hours for the entire course (spanning an academic year). Further, volunteering with PBSC in Saskatchewan provides an opportunity to demonstrate to students, other lawyers and the local community the importance of volunteer work and the need for a strong commitment to a pro bono ethic within the legal profession. If you wish to volunteer with Pro Bono Students Canadaplease contact them directly.


Legal Assistants​

PBLS welcomes all individuals involved in the legal profession to advance access to justice and increase the capacity of the legal profession to engage in organized pro bono programs. If you are a paralegal or legal assistant and wish to volunteer, please contact PBLS directly.


Law Students

​It is never too early to begin developing a commitment to pro bono work or the important skills you will require as a lawyer. From legal research to appearing in court, the skills you can develop through a pro bono volunteer opportunity are many. Volunteering with CLASSIC or Pro Bono Students Canada at the College of Law can be one of the most important and memorable experiences you will have at law school.

In addition, as the future of the legal profession, it is important that law students actively assess the varying commitment of Saskatchewan law firms to providing pro bono legal services. Many law firms have signed a Pro Bono Pledge and have adopted pro bono policies.









The Pro Bono Pledge

Encourage your employer or law firm to get involved in improving access to justice to Saskatchewan by signing the pro bono pledge. The pledge is a voluntary pro bono standard where places of business allow use of firm resources for pro bono files and recognize the worth of pro bono work by allowing for billable hour recognition of a lawyer’s first fifty hours of pro bono service annually.​

​Current signatories:
MLT Aikins LLP
McDougall Gauley LLP
McKercher LLP
Amirzadeh Law
Allan C. Hjette Law Office
Elke Churchman Law Office P.C. Inc.
Miller Thomson LLP
Jaggi Law Office 
Chowdhury Law Office
Kowalchuk Law Office 


Read the Pledge

CBA Fund

The CBA Disbursement Fund is available to members of the Law Society of Saskatchewan who are performing pro bono work through PBLS programs, not including the Solicitor Program. Pro Bono cases through the Clinic Program or Panel Program involving poverty law issues qualify for disbursement coverage to the limit of available funds.​

Lawyers who provide pro bono litigation services to low-income individuals through PBLS approved programs, may bill PBLS for the cost of necessary and reasonable disbursements incurred up to $1,000 (or beyond in special circumstances). PBLS’s disbursement coverage is made possible by a grant from the Saskatchewan Branch of the Canadian Bar Association. The fund is supported by generous donations from Queen’s Counsel appointees and Past President’s of the Law Society of Saskatchewan.

If you are a volunteer and would like to apply to the CBA Disbursement Fund, Click here.


Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan recognizes the important work Saskatchewan lawyers are doing pro bono. Spotlight features profile the extraordinary pro bono work of lawyers in Saskatchewan. To suggest a lawyer to be featured please contact us.

Victor P. Dietz, Q.C. Pro Bono Service Award presented by Michelle Ouellette, Q.C. to Beau Atkins 

The Pro Bono Service Award is an annual award presented in recognition of the contribution of lawyers in Saskatchewan to supporting access to justice for persons of limited means.  The award is presented jointly by the Law Society of Saskatchewan and Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan.

This year, with the blessing of Vic’s family and his friends at Olive Waller Zinkhan & Waller, the decision was made to name the award in Victor P. Dietz, Q.C.’s honour.

Vic was a founding Director and the President of PBLS from its inception until 2013 when he retired after serving the maximum number of terms allowed on the Board.  After his retirement from the Board, Vic continued to support PBLS in many ways, including as a mentor to staff, an advisor to the Board, and a donor.  For several years PBLS and the Law Society of Saskatchewan have jointly presented an award to recognize outstanding pro bono contributions in the province.  


In 2017, the award was presented to Beau Atkins. Beau has been a legal advice clinic volunteer with CLASSIC since 2012.  Beau provides advice in family law matters, which are the most sought-after clinics. Not only has Beau poured in hours of time and effort into CLASSIC and the clients that they serve, but Beau’s firm Edge Law has almost made huge efforts in supporting CLASSIC and promoting social justice. Thank you Beau for your amazing contributions to increasing access to justice in Saskatchewan!